Dear families,

Classes will start back on September Monday 4th.

Please let us know if you haven’t received our email yet, it is very important to reserve your place asap since we’re almost fully booked.

As usual, lots of news, events and more are waiting for our girls! We can’t wait!!!

Spring 4 Seasons Tornament

Another great competition has been held at Edmonton Green Leisure Center.

All our gymnasts have been awarded:

Level 1 Under 8

1° Elizabeth
2° Natalia

Level 1 Under 9

3° Sofia

Level 2 Under 10

1° Kaela
3° Anastasia

Level 2 Under 11

5° Livia

Level 2 Under 12

3° Sabrina
6° Oliwia

Level 2 Senior

1° Asia

Level 3 Under 10

2° Adriana

Level 3 Under 12

1° Sandra
3° Besona
6° Dana

Level 4 Junior

3° Saffron
4° Sophie

Level 4 Senior

1° Yvonne



Masterclass with Vicki Hawkins

We are very happy to welcome Vicki Hawkins (Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee Chairperson) on Sunday 9th whose going to deliver a BQT master class.

London Spring Cup

Great results from the London Spring Cup

First ever competition for our:
Under 8: 4° Elizabeth, 6° Natalia and 11° Sofia, well done!!
Category C:
U10 Kaela 1° Hoop
U10 Anastasia 3° Free
U12 Livia 2° Ball, 4° Free, 4° AA
U12 Sabrina 1° Rope. 1° Free, 3° AA
U12 Oliwia 2° Rope
Junior Oona 1° Free, 1° Clubs, 2°AA
Junior Aida 2° Clubs
Category B:
U10 Adriana 2° Hoop, 2° Free, 3° AA
U12 Sandra 1° Clubs. 1° Hoop, 2° AA
Junior Saffron 1° Ribbon, 2° Clubs, 2° AA
Junior Sophie 1° Ribbon, 3° Clubs, 2° AA


Zone A Grades Regional and Zonal Championships

All our gymnasts qualified for the NDP Final

Best weekend ever for our amazing gymnasts which competed at the Zonal Grades on Saturday:

Saffron won the silver medal in ball and the bronze in Hoop and arrived 4° AA in Junior 1.
Sophie arrived 6° above 18 girls just behind our British Champions gymnasts , great result in the hardest group.
Best performance for our Yvonne which achieves the great scores of 11.950 in hoop and 11.333 in Clubs arriving 4° in that and 5° AA above 12 gymnasts.



Amazing results also for Sunday’s competition:

Level 2 Under 10
5° Kaela

Level 2 Under 12
1° Livia

Level 3 Under 10
2° Adriana (in both her routines Free and Hoop)

Level 3 Under 12
1° Sandra
3° Dana
4° Besona
3° Dana

Level 2 Senior Group
1° Ela, Emily, Margaux, Eva and Asia

Open Apparatus Championships

Amazing results for our girls at their first National Competition.

Saffron has performed her new ribbon routine and her clubs ones with the scores of 7.700 and 9.400.
Sophie has performed ball and ribbon with the great scores of 8.750 and 8.000.
Yvonne performed her new clubs routine and her hoop ones, not as good as she can do, we know next time she’ll kill it!
We’re looking forward to enter the carpet again, next step will be Grades, let’s fix some mistakes and improve our scores!

Winter 4 Seasons Tournament

Brilliant results at the Winter 4 Seasons again!

Level 1 Senior
1. Margaux
2. Eva
3. Emily

Level 2 Junior
2. Oona
3. Aida

2. Asia

Level 3 Under 12
1. Sandra
3. Dana
4. Besona

Level 4 Junior
3. Sophie
4. Saffron

2. Yvonne

Rhythmic Excellence Christmas Production

You’re all invited to our annual end of the year show – Radiotherapy Fundraiser Night …in aid of Barts Charity

Find out more on our Facebook event page:


Four Seasons and Bath Tournament

Lots of medals, prizes and trophies for our team on the last two weekends, congrats to all our marvelous gymnasts and a special thanks to all coaches and families <3

Summer Show 2016 – Atlantis

It has been a success thanks to all of you!

Well done to:
Adriana, Alexandra (Ola), Besona, Blanaid, Charlotte, Daphnè, Dana, Daniela, Ella E, Ella G, Elizabeth (Lizze), Emily, Iris, Jemima, Justyna, Kaela, Melissa, Mimaru, Rachel, Olivia, Sabrina, Saffron, Sandra, Sophie, Tatyana, Veronika.